Our Services

Solar Site Analysis

Considering a Solar Installation ? Let us perform our detailed solar site analysis & design to determine your site’s suitability for solar and potential for energy generation. Includes feasibility study, location analysis, preliminary layout and electrical design, output simulation and cost estimation.

Design & Engineering

We offer a full suite of engineering, design & technical services including:  electrical engineering, structural engineering, computer/software engineering, IT administration, commercial electrical services, thermal system analysis & design as well as web design.

Buyer RFP Services

Planning to install a commercial or government solar array ? Our Buyer RFP  package includes a site analysis, usage analysis, sizing recommendations, cost estimation, RFP development, bidder Q&A, bid solicitation & bid evaluation services. The better your RFP, the better the bids you’ll receive.

Energy Usage Analysis

There are alternative ways to reduce energy consumption that are more cost effective than solar.  For example, switching to LED lighting can reduce your lighting load by up to 70%. Let us analyze your lighting load and overall usage to recommend the most cost effective energy upgrades.

Contractor Services

Are you an engineering, construction or electrical contractor with a solar opportunity ? We can provide your solar design, engineering, project management and procurement services  to augment your existing portfolio of services.

Software & Communications

Our IT services group provides IEC61850, Modbus and SNMP software development services for custom SCADA and data acquisition applications. Additionally, we can  provide educational software and project websites to promote your systems benefit to the community.

Custom Hardware & Fabrication

For specialized applications there are sometimes no suitable off-the-shelf hardware available.For these applications we have partners that can design, engineer and fabricate custom components quickly and affordably.

Solar Installation Services

Our engineers,  NABCEP certified PV installers, electricians, project managers and construction teams have years of experience working together to bring megawatts of solar power to the eastern United States.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Our technicians have over 10 years of experience working on all types of solar equipment to diagnose, isolate and repair solar systems of all types.