The Company

Solar Engineering USA was created to fill a gap in the solar industry. Many solar installers are only interested in selling entire systems and tend to specialize in one type of system.  Engineering companies that don’t specialize in solar engineering can handle the engineering design just fine but may not stay current on the ever changing technology, best practices and pricing in the solar sector.

Then there are the solar customers. Since solar is a very complex industry, it is hard for anyone outside of the industry to gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a solar system. This is where Solar Engineering USA comes in.

Engineering, Consulting & Installation

At Solar Engineering USA, we can work with you either as a buyer consultant, engineering firm, technical specialist or solar installer. We are unique in providing the buyer consulting and RFP development services in addition to the other services. When engaged as a buyer consultant for systems recommendations, RFP development services, we use our industry knowledge to provide the customer with unbiased recommendations on engineering, estimated generation, equipment selection, etc.

Our Beginnings

Solar Engineering USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monfox, LLC. Started in 1997, Monfox LLC has over 20 years of experience providing a range of engineering services to the telecommunications, renewable energy and grid automation sectors.  Our entry to the renewable energy sector in 2008 started with providing software and engineering support for wind turbine systems deployed across Europe. Shortly thereafter, we entered the solar sector by assisting different solar companies with engineering, technical sales support,  project management and design services.

Our Partners & Associates

Over the years we have developed partnerships with a number of different engineering companies, master electricians,  solar installation specialists, scientists, equipment vendors and fabricators to provide the range of solar engineering and installation services we offer today.

Our relationships with our engineering partners, installation teams and suppliers make us uniquely able to tackle many of the engineering challenges for atypical systems such as mobile, remote power, research and educational solar systems.